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Drug Free ADHD Treatment in Spartanburg, South Carolina

Carolina Holographic Health is the leading provider of drug free ADHD treatment in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Led by Dr. Kate Keville D.C. and Gaffney Jarrell, our practice helps children and adults alike to address the root causes of their disorder. This is significant, as most treatments for ADHD rely on drugs that suppress the symptoms, rather than eliminate them.

Dr. Keville has been a Holistic Healthcare provider for over 25 years. She has studied and become proficient in over a dozen unique, drug free therapies ranging from Chiropractic Healthcare to Nutritional Therapy.  She is now studying Epigenetics, an exciting new therapy that could hold the key to both reducing the effects of aging, and combating life-threatening disease.

When it comes to offering ADHD treatment here in Spartanburg, Dr. Keville utilizes a revolutionary protocol called BrainCore Neurofeedback Therapy. Neruofeedback helps patients who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and other neurological disorders, to self-regulate their brainwaves. As a result, the patient learns how to maintain a normal pattern of brain activity, thereby eliminating their symptoms.

Ready for a safer, gentler form of ADHD treatment here in Spartanburg? Contact Dr. Keville, or Gaffney Jarrell today for a consultation by phone, email, or through the main website. All of the information you need to get started is at the top of the page.

If you’d like to learn more about neurofeedback, you can also visit the main BrainCore Therapy website here.